Semi-rotary die cutting

An indispensable productivity tool


In full rotary mode, it will operate up to full press speed, subject to application. This full rotary mode still has a pre-register feature, utilising the information from the Job Storage which is standard on every press (with automated finishing). With Automatic Die Pressure on/off, this unit in full rotary mode will autosync for top cutting labels and automatically pick up the waste matrix.

In semi-rotary mode, this die can operate at speeds up to 65m/min. The benefit is that the magnetic die does not need to change when moving from one format size to another. This reduces the downtime between each job and increases safety in the workplace through no cylinder change. Its ease of use and setup is pioneered by an Automatic Die Unload/Reload system for flexible dies which will automatically strip the unit of its old flexi-die and apply a new one in seconds, reducing inter-operator inconsistencies.

With automated pick up of the waste matrix, this station excels in productivity and consistency on the job, reducing error and reducing waste.


  • Allows multiple die plate sizes to be mounted on the 25″ cylinder
  • Re-registers to the print repeat to ensure the correct cut every time
  • Automatically unloads the previous die plate and loads the next die
  • Automatically syncs to mark
  • Can run full rotary in the same station


  • Drastic reduction of set-up time
  • No need for heavy die moving equipment

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