Job Storage

Reset, recall, repeat


Job storage is our term for machine memory. The Edale press is fully automated and with our digitisation we can save press information to be recalled at a later date. For example, once the machine is set up for a certain substrate, this can be saved to the job storage and when the substrate is used again, the machine can recall the settings that were previously used.

This is not only valid for substrates, the Job Storage function can be used to recall roll information, winder set-up, tension settings, print impression, production data, AiiR parameters, personalisation factors and other user variables.

The Job Storage function stores detailed data and minimises set-up times, enables the press to to be set up in just one web length of material, increases repeat-ability of repeat jobs, ensures consistency between operators and drastically reduces waste. With Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things becoming increasingly important, the Job Storage function allows integration with customer MIS ensuring accuracy is maintained throughout the use of the press.


  • Stores machine data and user variables for future use.
  • Includes: Print impression, AiiR parameters, tension settings, personalisation factors
  • Move towards Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things


  • Drastic reduction of set-up time and waste
  • Consistency between operators and repeat jobs

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