Hybrid Printing

The best of both


Increased demand for quicker lead times, reduced print job length, and continual pricing pressure has led the industry down the path of Hybrid Printing.

Hybrid printing is now one of the most advanced forms of printing in the industry. Edale combine digital inkjet printing with our highly automated flexographic printing, to produce one of the most automated presses in the industry.

This process uses a UV Inkjet system to provide the digital print which, when combined with flexographic stations, allows the user to print any number of complex projects requiring a wide gamut of colours on virtually any substrate. Hybrid printing makes printing and converting short to medium print jobs profitable, requiring less substrate to set up, less ink/varnish/laminate, a lower running waste and eliminates overrun.

It also allows the reduction in cost on long digital runs through the use of flexographic spot colours, metallic and varnishes, as well as finishing the product in a single pass.


Hybrid achieves quicker lead times and production of complex projects on most substrate types, with the added bonus of reduced production costs.


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