Gearless impression

Eliminate banding


Edale’s unique FL print head concept does not have a gear between the print plate and the impression roller and as such ensures that uniform and consistent print quality is achieved across a wide range of substrates.¬†Gearless impression technology ensures that the press delivers unrivaled substrate flexibility without the need for any adjustment. The absence of a gear between the impression roller and the plate roll eliminates banding that can occur on geared systems.


  • Eliminates a gear mesh between printing plate and substrate
  • Reduces the total number of gears in the print system


  • Eliminates typical print artefacts found in geared system, e.g. banding
  • Enables a wide range of substrate thicknesses to be printed with no adjustment to the print head settings
  • Ensures consistent print quality, whatever the substrate thickness
  • Ensures there is no deterioration in¬†print quality that would be prevalent in a gear driven system

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