A higher level of accuracy


Auto-set back slitting
Configurable for back slitting, sheer slitting or both, the “AutoSlit” fully automates the setting of the sheer slitting and back slitting by autonomously positioning the blades to preset positions, re-callable from the Job Storage functionality. With no need for operator input, the operator can task the machine to change positions whilst setting up the ink in the flexodecks. This reduces the set-up time significantly and ensures production consistency between print runs.

Auto-set sheer slitting
Auto-set sheer slitting utilises automation technology and job storage so that the press can automatically set up the slitting knives to their predetermined location. This can drastically reduce set-up time as the knives can be accurately set within 30 seconds, where traditional manual systems can take upwards of 5 minutes per blade.


  • Automatic movement of the knives
  • Uses job storage for moving location to location
  • Position can be inputted manually if needed or for fresh job


  • Reduces inconsistent operator input
  • Reduces inconsistency between jobs
  • Reduces inconsistency between repeat jobs
  • Less machine downtime
  • Less machine make-ready time

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