Autonomous Inking, Impression and Registration


AiiR is a technology developed by Edale that allows the deskilling of the operator by working in conjunction with the existing Edale print-to-mark registration system.

The AiiR system is an end camera, closed loop inspection system which will bring the print into register without operator input. Edale software tracks the image through the press so that if the operator does input a manual correction, they cannot over-correct until the image has passed through the camera system and is displayed on the screen. This prevents over-correction.

The system can be used by any operator, ensuring consistency throughout the workforce, ultimately providing regularity on repeat and job-to-job. AiiR can vastly improve the set-up time when switching substrates, provided that the substrates have been used in the system before. This system can also automatically set pressure by running a single web length of material with an automated print sequence run. The system will then analyse the print to find the optimum pressure settings.



  • Analyses the print
  • Automatically feeds back the correction information to the Edale register and print system
  • Edale system will conduct the required corrections
  • AiiR will not allow further correction of the print until the print image has passed through the camera system
  • Works for all decks and brings the machine into register
  • Works for all decks and sets the correct pressure (when first run).


  • Reduced operator inconsistency
  • Reduced print inconsistency
  • Reduced print register issues
  • Reduced job-to-job and repeat job inconsistency
  • Higher quality confirmation

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