Highly productive, cost efficient, quality label and packaging printing press.

Industry leading levels of automation, including autonomous inking impression and register “AiiR” and the FL3’s unique print head design mean that average down time is cut to a minimum, change over rates are reduced and the highest graphic quality can be profitably delivered whether short or long run. Edale’s automation technology can improve productivity, reduce waste and increase print quality whilst making your company less dependent on highly skilled operators.

The opportunity for label convertors to diversify into new growth markets such as sleeves, wrap around labels, pouches and sachets can be addressed by combining the FL3’s AiiR automation with the available film packages.

Edale’s extensive knowledge and experience of over 17 years in the hybrid/ flexo market is now enhanced with the launch of an Edale branded hybrid press, using industry leading technology based around the proven FL3 platform. Hybrid digital print empowers the converter to profit from a diverse range of markets ranging from short run labels through to high volume mass randomised print on PS labels and flexible packaging. Hybrid digital productivity far exceeds that of EP technologies and is now the most rapidly expanding segment of the label market.

  • ‘Uniprint’ consistent high quality print whatever the repeat size
  • ‘AiiR’ – Autonomous inking, impression & Register
  • Automated finishing system
  • ‘EZ Reg’ is a cost-effective closed loop camera based autonomous register system designed in-house by Edale.
  • ‘EZ Die’ allows change of the full magnetic die cylinder in under 60 seconds

Please contact Edale to arrange a demonstration or consultation to determine which configuration of FL3 would deliver the greatest value to your business.


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Single flexographic printing station

Standard Features
  • UniPrint
  • AiiR motorised inking, impression & cross register
  • Job storage & automatic pressure +inking setting recall
  • Gearless impression
  • Set-up on the fly
  • Pre-register
  • Short web path
  • Dual axis servo drive
  • Quick change ink system
  • Print to mark register


Autonomous inking, impression & register

  • Autonomous register setting and control throughout the job
  • Eliminates operator intervention whilst setting register.
  • Guarantees precision throughout the run.
  • Delivers consistency every time.
  • Simplifies printing “troublesome” substrates.
  • Improves quality and reduces waste.
  • Space saving design requires no additional module.


Converting station with multiple cutting options

Standard Features
  • 60 second tool change
  • Pre-registration of tool
  • Motorised cross register and pre-setting
  • Automatic linear cut to mark register
  • Automatic die pressure throw-off
  • Automatic waste matrix pickup
  • Ergonomic working height
EZ Load quick change storage cart
  • Lightweight aluminium cart with castors for easy manoeuvring
  • Autonomous docking mechanism allows single operator to load largest tool quickly, safely and with no additional lifting equipment
  • Store a single EZ Die tool safely, ready for the next job


Converting station with multiple cutting options.


Main HMI control panel.

  • Easy to navigate icon-based interface.
  • Controls entire press from a single position.
  • Multi-language support.
  • Flexible and upgradeable.
  • Unlimited job storage
  • Saves and recalls all job specific machine settings and job production data
  • Stored locally on HMI improving screen response speed
  • Can be backed up externally from the Edale press, by USB
  • Office based creation and editing of digital jobsheet.
  • Ability to import and export to and from the machine.

FL3 Technical specifications

Web Width:430mm | 16.9”510mm | 20.1”
Printing width flexo:420mm | 16.5”500mm | 19.7”
Anilox face width:430mm | 16.9”510mm | 20.1”
Repeat length flexo:8 – 24” (203.2 - 609.6mm) 1/8” increments8 – 24” (203.2 - 609.6mm) 1/8” increments
Repeat length standard rotary die cutting:8 – 24” (203.2 – 609.6mm) 1/8” increments8 – 24” (203.2 – 609.6mm) 1/8” increments
Repeat length EZ Die:10 – 24” (254 – 609.6mm) 1/8” increments14 – 24” (254 – 609.6mm) 1/8” increments
Repeat length automated finishing system in full rotary mode:12 - 24” (304.8 - 609.6mm) 1/8” incrementsN/A
Repeat length automated finishing system in semi-rotary mode:2 - 24” (50.8 - 609.6mm) 1/8” incrementsN/A
Mechanical speed flexo: NB: Actual run speeds are subject to application, performance of substrate, inks and consumables.5-200 m/min5-200 m/min
Substrate thickness: NB: Thin and heat sensitive substrate require specification of chill rolls and soft rewind tension.12 - 450 microns 0.5 - 18 pt12 - 450 microns 0.5 - 18 pt
Tension range:10 - 500N10 - 500N
Print register - Maximum deviation colour to colour for print stations in sequence:+/- 0.1mm+/- 0.1mm
Print register - Mode deviation colour to colour for print stations in sequence: NB: Accuracy subject to the use of good quality materials and automatic register system at steady speed.+/- 0.05mm+/- 0.05mm
Max roll capacity unwind / rewind:1000mm | 40“ 430kg | 950lb1000mm | 40” 430kg | 950lb
Max roll capacity waste matrix:800mm | 31”800mm | 31”
Standard unwind / rewind core diameters:76mm | 3”76mm | 3”
Recommended plate thickness:1.14mm | 45 thou1.14mm | 45 thou
Recommended tape thickness: NB: Other plate and tape combinations available on request.0.51mm | 20 thou0.51mm | 20 thou
Electrical Supply:400V 3 Phase + N + E400V 3 Phase + N + E
Voltage & frequency stability: NB: In regions with unstable power supply it is highly recommended to install a voltage stabiliser.-6%/+10%-6%/+10%
Air Supply:5.5 bar5.5 bar
Typical current demand for an 8 colour UV FL3:153 Amps173 Amps
Expected power for an 8 colour UV FL-3: NB: Electrical and air loading is subject to configuration and Edale MUST be consulted for confirmation of actual loading.106 KVA120 KVA
Recommended press room temperature:Max 25°CMax 25°C
Thermal fluctuation:Max +/- 5°CMax +/- 5°C
Relative humidity:25% / 60%25% / 60%

"I have full trust in the people, the technical support and the equipment they provide.”

Cristian Reyes, Owner - Mayapack

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