Highly productive, cost efficient, quality label and packaging printing press.

A growing demand on label convertors to deliver increasing numbers of short run jobs across a widening variety of sectors has spurred Edale’s revolutionary FL3 press design.

Industry leading levels of automation, including autonomous inking impression and register “AiiR” and the FL3’s unique print head design mean that average down time is cut to a minimum, change over rates are reduced and the highest graphic quality can be profitably delivered whether short or long run. Edale’s automation technology can improve productivity, reduce waste and increase print quality whilst making your company less dependent on highly skilled operators.

The opportunity for label convertors to diversify into new growth markets such as sleeves, wrap around labels, pouches and sachets can be addressed by combining the FL3’s AiiR automation with the available film packages.

When combined with the Graphium digital inkjet print engine the FL3 delivers the ultimate in hybrid flexibility. Hybrid digital print empowers the converter to profit from a diverse range of markets ranging from short run labels through to high volume mass randomised print on PS labels and flexible packaging. Hybrid digital productivity far exceeds that of EP technologies and is now the most rapidly expanding segment of the label market.

Please contact Edale to arrange a demonstration or consultation to determine which configuration of FL3 would deliver the greatest value to your business.

Key Features:

  • Higher productivity and less waste from lower skilled operators
  • AiiR autonomous inking, impression & register
  • Automated finishing system
  • Graphium digital inkjet hybrid print system
  • Industry leading print quality and consistency
  • PS label, flexible packaging and extended content configurations
  • Job data storage, Industry 4.0 & workflow integration
  • Flexible approach

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FL3 Technical specifications

Performance & Technology
Substrate Range12-450 microns
Flexo SpeedMechanical speed 5-200m/min
Web Width350mm/430mm
Printing WidthFlexo: 340mm/420mm| Inkjet: 330mm/410mm| Screen: 330mm
Control SystemShaftless dual servo
Max Roll CapacityUnwind/Rewind: 1000mm
Web Path DistanceBetween Prints UV: 1.5m
Print StationsMaximum: 12
Die StationsMaximum: 3
Auto RegistrationStandard
Pre RegistrationStandard
Remote DiagnosticsStandard
Job StorageStandard

"I have full trust in the people, the technical support and the equipment they provide.”

Cristian Reyes, Owner - Mayapack

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