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FL1 Prime the cost-effective solution for high quality label printing

Do you have an older mechanical press you want to replace or add to?

The Edale FL1 PRIME is a high productivity, cost efficient quality label printing system. Our design priority has been to create an affordable system that is exceptionally quick to set-up, generating absolutely minimal waste.

The FL1 Prime is aimed as a logical replacement or addition to the older mechanical presses used within the narrow web printing market.

Built upon the fundamentals of it’s bigger brother, the FL3, and by using Edale’s 75 years of experience in design, manufacturing and support allows for a reliable solution for the ever increasing print quality demands within the label industry. Using full servo driven technology as standard and the world renowned Uniprint printhead design quality, repeatability and low waste are easily and consistently achieved and maintained.

The FL1 PRIME gives you:
  • An affordable print solution
  • Superior quality
  • Minimum waste
  • Leading technology

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FL1 PRIME Technical specifications

Substrate width flexo: 350mm | 13.8"
Printing width flexo: 340 mm | 13.4"
Repeat length flexo: 8 - 24" (203.2 - 609.6mm) 1/8" increments
Repeat length standard rotary die cutting: 8 - 24" (203.2 - 660.4mm) 1/8" increments
Repeat length EZ Die: 10 - 24" (254.0 - 609.6mm 1/8" increments
Mechanical speed flexo:
NB: Actual run speeds are subject to application, performance of substrate, inks and consumables.
5-200 m/min
Substrate thickness:
NB: Thin and heat sensitive substrate require specification of chill rolls and soft rewind tension control
12 - 350 microns 0.5 - 14 pt
Tension range: 10 - 500N
Print register - Maximum deviation colour to colour for print stations in sequence: +/-0.1m
Print register - mode deviation colour to colour for print stations in sequence:
NB: Accuracy subject to the size of good quality materials and automatic register system at a steady speed.
Max roll capacity unwind/rewind 1000mm | 40"
Max roll capacity waste matrix 800mm | 31"
Standard unwind/rewind core diameters: 76mm | 3"
Web path between prints UV: 1.5M | 60"
Web path between print-water based: 2,5M | 100"
Recommended plate thickness: 1.14mm | 45 thou
Recommended tape thickness:
NB: Other plate and tape combination available on request
0.51 mm | 20 thou
Electrical Supply: 400V -6%/+10% 3 phase + N + E
Air Supply: 5.5 bar
Voltage & frequency stability:
NB: in regions with unstable power supply it is highly recommended to install a voltage stabiliser.
NB: If press is to be powered by a generator then the warranty will be void unless protected by a voltage stabiliser.
Typical current demand for an 8 colour ARC UV: 134 Amps
Typical current demand for an 8 colour ECO LED:
NB: Electrics and air loading is subject to configuration and Edale MUST be consulted for confirmation of actual loading.
63 Amps
Recommended press room temperature: Max 25c
Thermal fluctuation: Max +/-5C
Relative humidity: 25% / 60%
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Key Features

Improve productivity, reduce waste and increase print quality

Pre-register/Auto register

Automatically positions the print cylinder, reduces operator intervention

Modular design

Tailor to your requirement

Optional Features

EZ Reg

Cost effective closed loop camera based, autonomous register system, designed in-house by Edale

EZ die

Allows change of the full magnetic Die cylinder in under 60 second

Benefits of the FL1 PRIME

Improve productivity, reduce waste and increase print quality

Cost efficient
Proven Superior
Print quality
Servo driven
gearless impression
product range
Entry into
new markets
Low waste
Pre register/auto
register as standard
High speed -
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An issue for a printing professional is keeping consistent quality throughout their print run to ensure the highest possible standards for their customers.
The FL1 PRIME has been designed to create an affordable system that is exceptionally quick to set up, generating minimum waste.
Features such as pre-registration and Edale’s ‘UNiPRINT’ print head geometry means that the highest quality print is achieved and jobs can be set up in one web length of material. I would recommend the FL1 PRIME to my customers who need to replace older mechanical presses or add the latest technology to it.

Amitabh Luthra, Printers Supply Co, India

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