FDC - 510

The best of web fed flatbed die cutting technology


The FDC-510 combines the best of sheet fed flatbed die cutting technology with a cutting edge servo driven constant tension web transport system. Specifically designed for fast job change and setup when run inline with flexo systems or digital lines, the FDC-510 creates a highly efficient web fed, single pass folding carton production line.

With a maximum speed of 10,000 impressions per hour, the ability to nest products up to five across and the benefit of being able to reconfigure the machine for a wide range of carton sizes and forms without specialist tooling ensures that downtime and substrate wastage is kept to a minimum. The FDC-510 can be retrofitted to an existing press or to an unwind stand for off-line conversion of conventionally or digitally pre-printed webs.

Key Features

  • Short set-up time (under 15 minutes)
  • Low cost
  • 90% cheaper than solid rotary tooling
  • High productivity
  • Ideal short runs from 1,000 – 100,000 units per hour
  • High speeds
  • Up to 10,000 impressions per hour
  • Maximum flexibility
  • Reconfigurable for a wide range of carton sizes & form

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FDC – 510 Technical specifications

Max. web width510mm (20")
Web directionLeft - Right
Max. repeat length609.6mm (24")
Min. repeat length254mm (10")
Max. performance10,000 impressions/hour
Height of cutting blades23.8mm
Max. cutting force150 tons
Max. product delivery5 across
Substrate range*Cartonboard up to 600 micron (24pt)
*Substrate range is subject to machine configuration . Actual performance will be subject to trial.

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