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The Edale EFX Print Bar is a high-precision, UV based inkjet system designed to digitise print finishing and embellishment. Available in four configuration options, the EFX Print Bar can be included with your total Edale solution or retrofitted to an existing web press.The unrivalled reliability & flexibility of options, as well as the exceptional print quality delivered by the Xaar 1003’s TF Technology make this print bar stand out from anything else on the market.


EFX DW (Digital White)

The EFX DW is a digital alternative to traditional opaque white screen printing. Matching both tactile effect and opacity, the EFX DW has the added benefit of eliminating the need to produce or replace costly rotary screens. Make ready times are significantly reduced and alternations can be be made at the click of a mouse.

EFX DF (Digital Foil)

Highly detailed and tactile foil effects can be achieved using the EFX DF System. Available in both in-line or off-line configurations, this unique solution achieves results not yet seen with conventional cold foiling. Unlike conventional cold foiling, Digi-Foil achieves high definition and tactile effects across a wide range of porous and non-porous substrates. Make your products really unique by further enhancing the tactile foil effects with personalised information or variable data.

EFX HB (High Build Varnish)

The EFX HB Varnish System is a digital alternative to traditional screen print embellishment. High build effects can be achieved on a wide range of substrates including absorbent wine stock as well as providing capability to digitally print braille and warning triangles. Combining the EFX HB Varnish system with Edale’s foiling system expands the capability to produce Digi – Foil.

EFX PR (Peel & Reveal)

The EFX PR is a digital solution for the manufacture of peel and reveal labels. The EFX PR prints a black or grey text directly to the adhesive, thus eliminating the need for flexo plates. Digitising the peel and reveal process significantly reduces setup times and enables variable data to be included with the booklet.






EFX Print Bar Technical specifications

Print configuration140mm - 560mm at 70mm increments* (Three base models: 210mm, 420mm, 560mm).
Resolution360dpi up to 720dpi, greyscale
SpeedUp to 75 linear metres per minute. Dual (D) version
PrintheadsXaar 1002 (Choice of Xaar 1002 GS6, GS12 or GS40). Printheads: Selection dependent upon application.
ColourSingle colour UV per Print Bar
Approved inks/fluidsK or CMYK, White, Varnish, Adhesives (5kg cubitainers)
SubstratesOptimised for coated/uncoated paper, plastic films (PE, PP, PET) and foil
Ink supply systemRecirculating system with vacuum meniscus control
SoftwareTIFF catcher
Digital front endTIFF drop folder through Full Variable Data Print RIP (option)
Pinning/curingUV LED. Air and water cooled (option)
Power requirementsSingle phase 230V 13A**
*Contact Edale for print width specifications
**Not including UV/Chiller options

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