Three Gold Awards in a row

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iTek Packz is known for its awards for Excellence in Flexography and Innovation, and for the third-consecutive year running has been awarded gold for Flexography, Narrow Web and they also received the highly acclaimed ‘Best in Show Award.’

Founded by Mr Shahul Hameed, Mr Gururaj Ballarwad & Late Mr Anand in 1995, iTek Packz (2nd generation) is a leading print supplier of self-adhesive labels and converter of printed cartons, based in Bangalore, India. They recently invested in an Edale FL3 430mm wide label press, and also an Edale FL5 430mm, with an inline Flat-bed die cutter for cartons which they bought 3 years ago.

They have been given high praise from the FTA judges for their winning entry, for Narrow Web, process, paperboard, which was a vibrant soap carton. The judges stated: “Lots of action in the carton, and it couldn’t have been executed better. Great screen work, great trap, and great register. The printer’s use of gold cold foil worked out very well. And the overprint varnish textures add measurable diversity and depth.”

iTek Packz also received a silver award for its narrow web, process, metalized for their production of a highly embellished, brandy box. The judges commented that it was flawlessly executed. All these award-winning cartons were run on an Edale Press.

iTek Packz commented: “We are very proud that for the third year running, we have been recognised by the FTA. To receive the ‘Best in Show’ and Gold and Silver Awards has been a great honour for our business.

Our Best in Show carton entry was produced for a customer who wanted 6-7 colours, gold matte foil, and varnish and other effects. We are delighted to have achieved the quality required using our technology and print capabilities, which in our opinion is the best in the industry.”

Darren Pickford, Sales Director, Edale comments: “We are delighted that our longstanding customer iTek Packz has once again been recognised for their exceptional achievements in flexographic printing. We are proud that they have won their well-deserved awards using Edale technology.

These awards give industry recognition that flexographic printing gives direct competition to offset style of printing traditionally used in carton production. The FL5 is excellent for short to medium run folding carton production including the ability to embellish in single pass. This ability has been used to great effect on the winning cartons, such as foiling, lamination, reverse print, cast, and cure, embossing, flat-bed die-cutting and stripping in a single pass. Of course, vital to any print provider is to expect the highest quality which can be achieved due the unique Uniprint printhead geometry of the Edale FL range.”

Notes to Editors

Edale is a leading manufacturer and supplier of high technology, narrow, mid-web flexographic and digital printing presses and converting equipment.

With 75 years’ experience in the printing and packaging industry, Edale applies its award-winning renowned British design and engineering expertise to provide equipment that helps customers to deliver quality products day-in, day-out, enhancing image, reputation, and profitability.

Edale provides a range of standard equipment and bespoke solutions to customers around the world. Edale’s expertise in web transport for single-pass inkjet has facilitated technology customers to commercialise their innovations with the essential features and necessary standards demanded by the packaging industry. Together with leading partners and an enviable distribution and service network, Edale continually assesses market and customer needs to ensure machines are fully upgradeable to stay ahead of the changing demands.

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