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Why do we need good web transport?

Print quality is determined, especially in inkjet, by the resolution of the print in digital pixels per inch (DPI). But this is not the only factor, a fine print is only possible if the size and position of the dots can be tightly controlled. The inkjet head itself plays its part in jetting a particular droplet size at the right time. If the substrate which is passing underneath the droplet is not in the determined position, then all is lost. Ensuring the substrate is in the correct position is a function of the web transport and more specifically the ability of the web transport to minimise deviation of the substrate as it passes through the machine.

Furthermore, the web transport acts as the structure and base machine so it is important that it is free from vibrations, is temperature controlled, is stable and reliable and has suitable pre-inkjet web treatment processing. Finally, it must be properly integrated to the inkjet part of the machine to ensure accuracy between the systems.

What factors influence the design?

The need for accurate cross positioning of the substrate requires a highly accurate and aligned machine with precision elements. The fine tension control and interfacing with the inkjet requires sophisticated servo motor and drive technology working on a virtual lineshaft to remove all mechanical inaccuracies. The ink types, coat weights and running speeds all influence the design and lead to the need for a fully integrated end solution. The product specification and the type of substrates being processed can influence both the design of the web transport itself, requiring different web handling techniques, different drying technology and solutions at vastly different web widths. This requires a large catalogue of modular components designed at all widths.

The specification also determines any in-line hybrid solutions that may also be required to deliver a product, such as flexo or die cutting. At different widths and speeds this too requires a great catalogue of designs and the ability to integrate into a final solution.

Why are they different to analogue?

Inkjet presses are being marketed towards short run, easy operation, fast set-up and not requiring the infrastructure of a conventional analogue printing press. Therefore we have to forget about the big print factories full of skilled and experienced printers. And think about more of a lab environment, where anyone can load a job and print. This leads us to a press that must be fully integrated into a small footprint with levels of automation that set the job up and guide the operator through a determined workflow.

What technology has been developed?

Specifically, inkjet press configurations require:

  • Easy to use unwinder units with accurate tension control
  • Web handling and treatment modules to suit the web width and the specific product with robust technologies for frequent job and material changes
  • Highly accurate digital module with components that have virtually zero mechanical inaccuracies, assembled with supreme precision and designed to be robust and stable.
  • Interfacing and housing all the components of the inkjet unit itself. Drive and motor technology with multiple tension conditioning stages to deliver the best possible web control and encoder technology to relay this to the inkjet.
  • Low inertia components to ensure minimal tension disturbances on the substrate.
  • Zero gears and couplings to deliver perfect drive as determined by the tightly controlled servo motion control.
  • Calculated design to ensure stability at high speeds and with high energy heat sources, ensuring control of the machine precision in a range of operating conditions.
    Fully integrated design to ensure the machine is suitable for installation in high end environments and meeting all safety standards
    A huge catalogue of complementary press technologies that fully integrate with the web transport, AiiR automation on flexos, semi rotary cutting, rewinding, delivery systems.

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