Amberley have established a reputation as one of the UK’s premier label production companies and have developed packaging for an extensive range of sectors including cosmetics, personal care, healthcare, beverage and specialist food markets. The requirement for their next press was to produce multi-colour labels on specialist materials, such as multi-layer material labels.


An Edale FL3 with the added benefits of AiiR Print Automation, Advanced Registration, Semi-Rotary Die Cutting and a Peel & Reveal module. Using Edale technology, Amberley were are able to replace two of their existing presses with one.


The FL3 has been designed to boast higher running speeds and the ability to produce a range of specialty labels. Amberley will also benefit from reducing tooling cost and further reliance on the operator.

“Edale offer the best combination of suitable technology, a knowledgeable team and synergy with Amberley’s requirements."

Trevor Smith, Managing Director - Amberley Adhesive Labels

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