Substrates & Finished Products

Edale are experts at delivering packaging for numerous industries and end-users. Our presses have created top-quality label and packaging solutions for industries such as Health and Beauty, Food and Beverage, Wine and Spirits, Pharmaceutical and Medical, Household Goods, Industrial Labels, Security, Phone Cards, Lottery Cards, and MORE!

Read below for some definitions of key substrate types and finished products.

Aluminium Foils

Film Labels

Labels printed on an unsupported film that is then varnished or laminated and slit prior to application to the bottle.

Flexible Packaging (Lamination)

Lamination is the technique of manufacturing material in multiple layers, so that the composite material achieves improved strength, stability, sound insulation, appearance or other properties from the use of differing materials.

Flexible Packaging (Printing)

A packaging or container made of flexible or easily yielding materials that, when filled or closed, can be readily changed in shape. The construction is typically made from a multi-layer laminate with properties that are designed to improve the life or freshness of the product contained within.

Folding Cartons

A folding carton is typically made from paperboard that is printed, cut, creased, folded and glued before transportation to the product packers. Folding cartons are a commonly used packaging for lightweight consumer goods.

In-Mould Labels

An In-Mould label is a plastic or paper label that is applied during the manufacturing of containers by blow moulding, injection moulding or thermoforming processes. In-mould labels combine the decoration process with the moulding process making the decoration appear an integral part of the moulded product.


Multi-layer laminated tube, commonly referred to as Lamitube, is manufactured from multi-layer laminate foil with the use of aluminum or plastic barrier that is inserted between the inner and outer layers or the tube. Laminate tubes represent an easy, hygienic and safe method of packing that provides efficient barrier against leakage of volatile substances and protection against UV rays as well.

Linerless Labels

Linerless labels are pressure-sensitive labels that do not have a liner or backing paper. The labels are wound on a roll that has had a release coating applied to the front of the face stock to prevent the adhesive from sticking on the label below.

Lottery & Game Cards

A scratch card/scratch game/instant game is a small card, often made of thin paper-based card for competitions. This card has one or more areas which contain concealed information that can be revealed by scratching off an opaque covering.

Multi-layer labels

Labels with additional surface area to carry extended content such as multiple languages, promotions or instructions. Additional surface area is created either by adhering a booklet or by laminating multiple layers on to the label.

Paper Labels

Pre-Paid Telecom Cards

Pre-Paid telecom cards are a method for purchasing credit for a telephone, internet or other services. Typically the size of a credit card, they consist of a printed card body and contain a variable data PIN code, serial number or barcode that is securely covered by a scratch panel. The user accesses the credit by scratching away the secure panel to reveal the PIN number which is then entered into the mobile device.

Pressure-sensitive labels

A label construction made up of three layers; a face material, a pressure sensitive adhesive and a backing sheet coated in a release agent. The layers are laminated together and then die cut to produce the individual labels. The final product can be in sheet, roll or fan-fold format. Pressure-sensitive can use an adhesive that is tacky in normal conditions, meaning the labels only need the pressure of a finger or hand to be applied.

Shrink Sleeves

Shrink sleeves are a PVC or PET heat shrinkable label applied to bottles and containers that provide high-definition graphics around the entire container as well as providing scuff resistance and weather protection.

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