Edale Values

As a company it was important to identify our four core values. These values help to define and shape the culture and vision we want to cultivate for the best of our company. Our values are used internally with our everyday decision making and externally to educateother companies and potential customers of our visions and goals.


  • Edale strives for performance in everything we do, be it in our products, services, or people.
  • Our focus is on the design and engineering of products that are more efficient than current methods or equivalent technologies.
  • We’re not satisfied to just be faster, we pride ourselves on producing high quality solutions to maximise efficiency and reduce waste, whilst minimising downtime.


  • Our dynamic structure enables Edale to react quickly and adopt to changing market requirements.
  • Our agility helps us stay ahead of the competition, develop the right products and services, and continually shape our business as new markets and customers evolve.
  • Edale solves problems and will readily adapt its technology to meet customer requirements.
  • We facilitate, encourage and engage with our partners and suppliers in the Edale network, because working together delivers quicker and better results.


  • Edale’s network of partners, agents and suppliers is one of our strongest assets and one we strive to expand and nurture.
  • We continually develop, listen and work with our network, to understand how our machines are performing.
  • Working closely with our network enables us to provide the best products, services, and contributes to the design of next generation machines.


  • Edale is open to finding better ways of achieving the right solution for the best return on investment.
  • Being open minded is vital, making us constantly look at our products and business model to find new and effective ways of doing things.
  • Edale encourages partnerships and is open to sharing our own technology or integrating that of others to deliver new and innovative products and solutions.
  • Achieving our vision involves sharing and discussing our work, and our viewpoints internally with each other and with our extended network.
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