Single pass print and
personalisation card line.

The Card Line provides a highly productive, web fed solution for the manufacture of low cost pre-paid telecom recharge cards reducing cost by combining multiple manufacturing processes into a single process.

Our offering is a ‘turnkey’ solution that not only provides the capital equipment but also a high level of consultative support, training and consumables.

We provide all necessary things to get you into production as smoothly, and as quickly as possible; from the initial consultation, assistance with applications, process development, full validation and integration of the chosen system to identification and recommendations of consumables, process improvement, support, aftercare and maintenance.

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Recharge card print and
personalisation solution

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About the Edale Card Line.

With the demanding nature of today’s modern world, production output is key - the Edale Card Line is capable of producing more than 200,000 CR80 cards or 1,000,000 pins per hour, re-writing the rules in terms of cost per pin and the variety of formats achievable from a single machine, making your business one of the most efficient and versatile in the industry.

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Infeed and tension control system allows up to 1.25m diameter rolls with a material range from paper to 600 micron card.
Graphic printing on the top and bottom of the card can be included to create a single pass process.
Infinite range of formats with the capacity to produce 200,000 CR80 cards or one million pins per hour.
Inkjet personalisation using thermal or drop on demand technology gives full flexibility on data positioning, content and orientation.
Void marking linked with the data and scratch panel verification system ensures void cards are identified for removal and replacement.
Verification of scratch panel position and integrity ensures that pin numbers are always securely covered.
Silk screen printing on the scratch panel guarantees the best quality scratch with the highest opacity at the lowest cost per pin.
Print high opacity backing panels, confusion panels and protective layers enable reduced substrate calliper, without compromising security.
Card stacking or shingle delivery systems ensure that sequences are accurately maintained even at high speed with multiple cards across the web.
Windows based data controller ensures a full integrity system comprising of product tracking, re-order logging, data encryption and security access.
Integrated data verification system provides 100% monitoring, comparing al printed variable data to production files.
Inline rotary die cutting ensures card format can be changed from multi-pin CR80 to multi-pin sheet, with the change of a single tool.
  • 1.25m jumbo unwind with 12” mandrel, pivoting splice table and web cleaning.
  • Advanced tension control system and large diameter idler rolls, and gearless impression enable conversion of 600 micron board.
  • Ultra-short web path of 1.85m between prints ensures minimum waste and maximum efficiency.
  • The unique print head geometry ensures consistent high quality print across a range of repeats with minimal adjustments.
  • Video based fully automatic register system monitor and control linear and lateral register to ensure consistency and quality.
  • Innovative inking system enables accurate on-press colour matching as well as complete colour changes in 70 seconds.
  • Job storage function stores detailed job data to minimise set-up times and repeatability of repeat jobs.
  • The rail system allows for additional options such as turnbar, foiling and cast & cure to be easily moved between print units.
  • Die cutting pre-register system and easy tool change minimises set up waste and time.
  • In-line flatbed die cutter provides traditional cut and crease quality with minimal setup waste and low tooling costs.
  • In-line stripping and waste chopping system completes the single pass process.
  • Diverging delivery system enables nesting of cartons to minimise waste.

Product Case Study

Single pass machine gives end user technical edge in the market


A Vietnamese company were looking for a modular machine to help them produce scratch off recharge cards for high volume production.


Edale were able to guarantee the high levels of security that the customer were looking to achieve whilst combining multiple processes to rationalise the production process eliminating the W-I-P.


The customer are now producing in excess of 200,000 CR80 sized cards per hour. The video verification cameras monitoring every card for print legibility and quality of the scratch off panel, has meant that employee downtime has significantly reduced and quantities of product risen.

“Edale’s ability to combine multiple processes into a single pass, gives the end user an advanced commercial and technical edge in this market”

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Performance is Edale.

Edale strives for performance in everything we do, be it our products, services, or people.

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